Wednesday 11 April 2012

Newcastle Mini Comics Making 2012

Blimey this year is running on a bit fast? A few plans in the pipeline and a few starting to pop out the other end.

First up: I'll be doing a talk on comics at Newcastle City Library next weekend (21st April) as part of the Newcastle Mini Comics event organised by the inestimable Cuttlefish Comics.

My talk is called 'Comics: Words + Pictures where Space = Time' It's all about what I know about storytelling on a comic book page and how the composition of the panels is used to control the passing of time. It's also about the accessibility of the medium because of the way in which the participates in the telling in a way that differs from film and prose.

Dispensing a powerful dose of comics wisdom will be Ingi Jensson, whose tale of how he burned-up, then rose out of the ashes, found his mojo and personal style will get people's heads properly screwed on for the dangers that await them as they embrace their own creativity.

And embrace it they will, for after the talks will be the Mini-Comics day proper, when we will all be getting down and making comics from scratch.

Mini comics

The event is free but you'll need to book and places are limited: Book your place by phoning 0191 2774100 or by emailing

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