Wednesday, 29 September 2010

24 Hour Comics Day

This weekend I'll be taking part in the 24 Hour Comics Day event in Heaton, organised by Martin Newman.

You can view the pain, suffering, coffee addiction, words, pictures and magic on the blog set up specifically to monitor those things here:

I've done 24 Hour Comics twice before, first time round I failed to complete the comic, though all that's really left is tidying it up a bit and lettering properly. I might get round to this sometime.

Second time round was at the Learning Revolution / P.R.E.S.S. event in March 2010 at the Tyneside Cinema, which was much more successful as I decided to improvise and experiment with a silent comic.

It didn't make much sense but it was fun. I'll probably print it up soon, but it can be temporarily viewed on Google Docs here. This is Gudrun Black, likely to appear in quite a few comics due to appear before the end of 2010, most importantly, A4 Comics Presents.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Influence Map

They're all the rage, these influence maps. Click to embiggen. In no particular order:

  • Gustav Klimt
  • German Expressionism
  • Antoni Gaudi
  • Dave McKean
  • Francis Picabia
  • Paul Laffoley
  • Tristan Tzara
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • Jack Kirby
  • Larry Marder
  • Man Ray
  • Mike Mignola
  • Kevin O'Neill
  • Richard Case
  • Simon Larbalastier
  • Vaughan Oliver
  • Pablo Picasso
So what have we learned?

I like pictures which are mostly monochrome, usually brown with occasional red highlights, spindly lines, distorted figures, diagrams, nebulous shadows and boobs.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tower of Babel - Charity Auction

A 14 inch square photographic print will be part of the Crisis Skylight Charity auction at Made in Newcastle on Saturday 25th September.

It's one of the last hand done test prints, and came out slightly darker than the finished prints, but there's only me notices this I guess. If anyone is interested but can't make it to Newcastle, let me know.

This is not a digital image, it's a hand printed photograph of a four dimensional collage.