Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Entomology Redux : Digitally Remastered.

With the move of Tales of the Hollow Earth 3 to colour, and what with issue 2 (Entomology) having had a pretty rushed final few pages and a terrible, terrible print job, i'm digitally remastering it.

Never go back, I know... but... damnit, i'm redrawing all the balloons, colouring all the pages and fixing some of the panels. Some quite radically.

The new colour version of issue 2 will be available at The Canny Comics Con on December the 10th. The new version will cost £3 unless you had a copy of the previous print in which case it'll cost you £2. There weren't many of you and I know who you are :-)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Canny Comic Con - poster number 1

The first poster for the Canny Comic Con is below. Art by Cuttlefish Comics, and design by me. I'm also an exhibiting guest, which is really nice, but look at the others! Not shown on this poster (but watch this space) - Al Ewing of Zombo/Judge Dredd fame! How awesome is that?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Girls from Mars at Thought Bubble

Well, quite a bit has happened in the Hollow Earth HQ since the last preview post. Quotes from printers have been received, discarded, negotiated and re-thought. Seems most printers who are interested in doing the stapling, cutting and collating don't have a price point for black and white.

After extensive discussions on print production standards with the extremely helpful staff at That's Bang On, I've decided that Tales of the Hollow Earth will be going colour from issue 3 onwards.

If the proofs I've spent the last few nights working on are anything to judge by, I'm going to be going to Thought Bubble with my best work ever. If you want to see what that looks like and maybe even obtain a copy, I'll be sharing table 131 with Britt and Cuttlefish Comics. That's where you can find me.

I think it looks amazing and i'm really happy with it. Here's the cover:

The story continues Astrid Moriarty's investigation into the Boltzmann's Eye manifestations and also features Gudrun Black, who first appeared in the four page strip: Lure as part of Daniel Clifford's all ages anthology A4 Adventure Comics. That story will be reprinted as a backup story in the next printing of Tales of the Hollow Earth Issue 1, which will be recoloured to fit the new format.

The back cover features a drawing of Astrid and an Angler Fish, by mister Ian Mayor. It's great.

Anyway, here's a preview page:

See you all at Thought Bubble, yes?

Saturday, 12 November 2011