Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dr Sketchy - Tis the Season to get Sketchy

Here are my images from the Dr Sketchy - Tis the Season to get Sketchy life drawing and cabaret at World Head Quarters on Sunday. Images in reverse chronological order, so the afternoon finished with....

The Creative Martyrs. Gustav and Jacob Martyr two splendid and somewhat terrifying fellows are quite, quite brilliant, and I advise you to see them if you should ever get the opportunity. This drawing I think I might have a go at inking and possibly colouring at some point:

Meg La Mania - the fantastic Dr Sketchy's resident singer. Tinsel is extremely hard to draw, but I was pretty pleased with these head and shoulder portraits:

Amelie Soleil is the chief and brains behind Dr Sketchy Newcastle, and I've inadvertently made her look possibly too strict here (that's a flower in her hand). Amelie performed an very splendid and hazardous looking magic act that involved very sharp edges...

Drawings wise, though, the top one seems a little too static, though I think I managed to get the low lighting around her face. The second, more sketchy drawing seems to have more life to it.

We arrived late, partway through a series of rapid poses from Trixie D Licious - hence the really sketchy beginnings that I'm actually quite pleased with. Moved onto pencil for the last portrait, but have far too many lines here.

Trixie's burlesque performance was quite frankly stunning. Through which the audience maintained a polite and respectful silence, possibly inappropriately so: it was a Sunday afternoon and I think she took us somewhat by surprise?

So, as Amelie Soleil later pointed out: it's cold up there, but despite our (or at least, my) struggling to find the correct etiquette for Trixie's turn, we had a great afternoon: all the performers were fantastic. We'll be there next time, possibly (having seen what is possible) with an iPad, and a Gin and Tonic might also be appropriate. Excellent.

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