Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Shining Wire

A Writer's Extreme Creativity Challenge: Write a story a day, in May. That's it:

#5 : The Shining Wire

The Council of Bunnies came gradually and suspiciously to order. Democracy was a new word. Too many syllables for a start. Vote was easier. They kind of got that. Hop over to the new leader and raise a paw. Done.

“Fellow Bunnies” began President Fennel “It has became clear to me that in order for us to survive, we must find a way out of the crisis that is upon us. Sage Thyme has a proposal to put to you all. If you agree with it, he will lead us and I also will follow. Sage Thyme, please speak”.

A long thin, albino bunny hopped into the centre of the circle of the Council of Bunnies.

“Thank you President Fennel. Bunnies, it has never been my intention to lead, only to serve, to keep my fellow Bunnies safe from all darkness and to ensure a ready supply of both Leeks and Carrots”.

“Hear Hear” proclaimed the Council of Bunnies.

Sage Thyme continued “But it has come to pass that the Glass House and the lands which surround it are now protected by The Man’s Dogs. Rat patrols have been on the increase and a Fox has been seen on the far side of the stream. Scout leader Rosemary tells me that she believes that the Fox knows we’re here but the Dogs will hunt it as they hunt us”.

The Council of Bunnies were silent.

“Radical Change is required” said Thyme “I have consulted with the Shaman of the Tribe of Roaches and we believe that the Carrots, Leeks and Lettuce which were found by the stream last week are an offering from The Man.”

Second Scout Laurel raised a paw. Thyme turned on her “Yes, what is it Scout?”

“They weren’t good Sage Thyme sir” she said.

“They may not have been new or fresh, but they were... considerably... better than... nothing” replied Thyme with an air of menace... “May I... please continue?”

“Yes sir”

“Good. The Tribe and I believe that this was an offering which will have to be... paid for, and the more we pay, the more and better the Carrots will be, and the better the Carrots will be, the more of us there will be. By the offering was a shining wire” said Thyme.

The Council of Bunnies began to chatter. President Fennel was shaking his head. Towards the back of the group General Mace stirred.

“We spotted it straight away. It was too obvious to have been intended as a trap. It was a message from The Man. One Rabbit. One pile of Carrots, Leeks and Vegetables. Enough to feed the whole warren.” said Thyme.

General Mace, a huge dark bunny hopped forward “Enough, Sage, Enough. I have heard Enough. We will not willingly sacrifice ourselves to The Man”.

“This is democracy General Mace, we must hear him out” said President Fennel.

“By my entire hindgut fermentation” shouted General Mace “I will not have it! Thyme!” said Mace.

“Yes?” said Thyme.

“Who would you suggest for the first sacrifice?” said Mace “Leading by example?”

“Hah” said Sage Thyme “No, that is the old way. We are looking to the future. A future without violence... witho-” Sage Thyme was cut off by Mace.

“President Fennel, we are thin, we are weak. This must change. I need more Bunnies, but we do not make deals with The Man. If we end up on his table, it is not voluntarily. If we eat his carrots, we eat his BEST carrots. While we lack brawn, we will use brains. First Scout Laurel has been outlining to me a previously unknown route into the Glass House”.

Laurel looked surprised “I...? I have. Yes SIR”.

“And you will be rewarded for it First Scout Laurel, with the first pick of the takings” said General Mace.

Laurel held herself high, proud and confused at her sudden promotion.

“I protest, I must finish” said Thyme.

“You are lucky you can still speak” said Mace “I have killed Bunnies for suggesting less. But as it is President Fennel’s whim that we are now a democracy, you shall have, for a short time, freedom of speech, and I shall stand against you. My first policy is to ram that shining wire so far-”

President Fennel interrupted, one of few and his last decisive act as President, “General Mace, Sage Thyme, Council of Bunnies. I believe that we have heard the candidates policies. I believe that it may be time for you all to cast your vote.”

And so they did.

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  1. “By my entire hindgut fermentation” - tremendous. This is all excellent stuff, I look forward to being entertained all month.