Sunday, 18 April 2010

24 Hour Comics at the Tyneside Cinema (Delayed Response 2)

As is my  way, I neglected to mention the EPIC 24 Hour Comic Challenge!
On March 13th and 14th, I attended the P.R.E.S.S. / Learning Revolution 24 Hour Comic Challenge at the Tyneside Cinema with fellow Paper Jam Comics Collective members Lily, Martin, Jack, Chris and fellow Tyneside Cinema screenwriting folks Melanie Holmes and Steven J. Smith.
We emerged victorious. Of particular note is Martin Newman's Beep and Evolution, which is available from Travelling man on Grainger Street in Newcastle. Martin hit on a sustainable plan from the get go, and is oddly enthusiastic about doing this more often...

My own effort makes not one ounce of sense, but it entertains me. and I'm pleased that some of the story works well enough without dialogue. I'm considering printing it up at A6.  
Photos of the event can be found here and more reliably documentary proof of proceedings can be found on the Paper Jams blog courtesy of Mike Ducket and Martin's photo's here. Thanks to Ian Mayor, Oscillating Brow, Daniel Clifford and Terry Wiley for showing up with the moral support, sweets, wasabi peas and paracetamol.

Terry (front and centre in the above pic) and Oscillating Brow also took part in the 'Drink and Draw' phase of the event. Mister Brow produced his own 24 hour comic in under three hours: Cat. Cat has been selling exceedingly well and enabled Mr Brow to obtain a pint of beer from profit alone. You cannot argue with success.

I also enjoyed the Cinema staff's attempts to use the buildings many fire exits and corridors to terrify the girls making a documentary and make them wonder that they were not actually making the next Blair Witch Project.
The event featured hammers, mountains, fists, a war between leeks and carrots on a Lovecraftian allotment, the entire history and future of Human Evolution, diagrams and marriage, cheating death, really, really good coffee and that, and as the sleep deprived must surely assert:

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