Thursday, 3 December 2009

Face Front

I've noticed that a lot of my scenes are being drawn in an over the shoulder perspective, so that the camera can see what the characters are looking at. The problem with this is that it means that my characters are always being drawn from behind and in silhouette. They only seem to get facial expressions in inset panels and talking heads sequences not in the dramatic scenes.

So i'm going to study how other artists handle similar scenes for a bit, then maybe redraw some of my Angler Fish comic for Daniel (yes, I've drawn some at least already).

One of the things I learned in the Improv Comedy Workshops earlier on in the year was to face the audience and where to put yourself on stage, I wasn't very good at that, but maybe I can apply some of that to my drawing.

Currently working on at the moment:

  • Lure
    the 4 page comic about Angler Fish mentioned above.
    STATUS: Currently Inking.
  • WormDream
    an 8 page comic that will hopefully appear in Show and Tell.
    STATUS: Layouts and Pencils Done.
  • Gabriel Fosco
    written by Ian Mayor - a 6 page story that will become part of Martin Newman's epic project Z.
    STATUS: Character and Set Designs, Script in progress.
  • Tales of the Hollow Earth 2 : Entomology
    16 pages which I'd better finish soon because Mark Leonard has designed a fantastic origami monster and Stacey will probably kick my head in if I don't.
    STATUS: 4 pages to go :-) 

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    1. I'm right looking forward to Tales 2. The first one was terrific!